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Local Favorites - America's Favorite Hauntings by Kyle All things cryptozoological, and read a current interview with yours truly Chad Lewis'Real Life X-files and Haunted Places in Wisconsin's North Woods, check frequently for conference announcements Beware the full Moon! This is a fun new site that is only open during the full moon, except for forums. There is a Beast of Bray Road forum, fun werewolf illustrations and more. One to keep your eye on. This is the official homepage for updates on Miracle, Janesville Wisconsin's sacred white buffalo. Updated photos, too! Requiem for the Gobbler, a great spot by Lenka Reznicek at the University of Chicago devoted to that zany Helmut Ajango building in Johnson Creek Wisconsin (see story) Weird New Jersey ...A great site full of strange things to the east of here Everything you need to mount a professional paranormal investigation - The absolute Bible of all things strange, eerie, eccentric, or paranormal in Wisconsin. The nice thing is that all entries are attributed to their sources. An exhaustive representation...must be seen to be believed! - The Grand Order of Weird Writers; read all about the people who write those "Weird" books - Musings and books of David Walks As Bear, a former Michigan game warden turned spiritual and Sci-Fi author The International Paranormal Research Network The I Love Werewolves Blog






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