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Below are sundry e-mail comments from readers. Generally my readers are a pretty nice pack and very little editing is required, but I do reserve the right to take out unsavory words. School kids read this site and I like to remain user-friendly to everyone. I will post things as soon as I'm able to but am occasionally out of town or otherwise busy so don't be alarmed if your email doesn't show up immediately. I will only print your first name or email handle unless you specifically say it's ok to use your name and/or email address. This page is for theorizing about the creature, responding to my ideas in the books, asking questions, etc. Sightings of creatures will be reported on the sightings log page. My own pontifications will be found on the blog page.


"The Reader" - collage art by Linda Godfrey © 2006

August 29, 2006

Is Elkhorn's Beast all in the Blood?

Hello, I just opened The Treehouse Bookstore in Elkhorn, WI we are waiting for delivery of your books. I have not seen this werewolf, but I wonder if you have traced the ancestry of the towns people. In small towns families stay around for some time. Some kids go off to college to return years later. Other family members relocate permanently. Much werewolf lore suggests that it's in the blood, passed through family members. This accounts for slight changes in coloring and facial features as each human has significantly different features. This also accounts for one incredibly old and mobile werewolf. This mythology is truly interesting and a fun world into which to delve. I am sure this is an area you have looked at,but wouldn't it be an interesting look at the people of Elkorn. Take Care. Jessica

July 31, 2006

Maybe it IS a Lycan!

I read something on your website here (The Manwolf is not an Alpha Lycan)that somebody said that the beast can`t be a lycanthrope.Well,what if it is?If him and his kind are intelligent,then they can have morals.Mabye they see no reason for one intelligent being to kill another.Maybe it sees no reason to start an unessisary fight.If it knows how most of us humans are and how we like to exploit things sometimes,then that is another reason to stay away from us.We are powerful in numbers and we domenate the physical realm.Whatever it is doing to avoid us,the beast is being smart NOT submissive! It`s not his fault we are invading his space.People are soo skeptical,and the part where that guy said it was an anti-social human does not explain the jumping or bumping into cars,or any of that stuff the super strong animal did.

July 17, 2006

Reader Sees Talking, Swearing Werewolf?

Hey how is everyone? Before i get into the story i would like to remain anonymous please. I would also like to know more about this creature because until i saw it on July 20th i didnt believe that this thing was real. The funny part about it is that i really made a actual song about this thing Ima Wolf in this concrete jungle. Why did i see it? Why didnt he see me until i moved? Why didnt he want to attack? Is some of the things that i see in movies is most of em true? Like Van Helsing? Does silver bullets work? if not what does? Is that stuff witchcraft? Are they evil or good? these are question i must know so if anyone could answer it will be appreciated.. I am from the Eastside of Detroit Mi. I am a businessman who is trying to get a mortgage company started so i am not crazy. I am also a music sound engineer. Anyway it was about 1:44 am and i was sitting outside, just got done smoking a blunt. Yes i was high but i dont just see things when im high. It was about 15 to 20 min after i was done. When i smoke it helps me think and i always plot my next move when im high. Its like me time.

Any way if you dont know how Detroit is then its a bunch of main streets with houses in between. A very large Urban city. The siting happend like 2 houses down from me. I was so deep in my thoughts. I heard him before i actually saw him and when i saw him i only saw the bottom half because the top half was behind bushes. So i saw the bottom half real good. I heard him talking to himself complaining mostly and everytime he talked he sounded like a dog so naturally i said wtf is that. He moved so quick so agile. All i saw was hind legs and a tail, he was standing upright and moved to the side of my neighbors garage. For a fact i know that my neighbor has a bunch of wood on the side of his garage and a lawn chair umbrella. I heard him stomp on the wood on the side and the umbrella was stopping him from going to the back of the garage so again i heard him complain about the wood.

He said wtf is this wood? Why the $#% does he have wood here? Is what i heard him say. Im still in my backyard just standing in shock. So i hear him jump over this umbrella and back on to the wood. I didnt see him by this time but i know whats in his backyard. The wood pieces were long and he had to jump pretty high in such a narrow space to land like i heard him land. By that time i heard him on no more wood so i tried to hide when i didnt hear him. But where there was no more wood there was no bushes either so he could see right into my backyard.. He saw me move when i tried to duck for cover trying to get a glimspe of what it was because i first thought it was a dog until i heard it talking. It sounded like a dog everytime he talked. So when he saw me he said psss...Go Home and he said this twice in a whispering kind of voice so only i can hear him and not anyone who were in houses sleep..He said it so only I can hear. And for another 10 min after i stayed in that same spot trying to hide when i know he saw me. I saw no eyes when he got to the side of the garage because it was just too dark but when he was in the front of it i saw his bottom half through the bushes.

.He definately saw me and was watching me i just felt it. He said nothing else after that but im sure he was still around. I often wondered why didnt he just go on? Why did he warn me? If these Lycans exist then Vampires must also. Are they working together or are they enemies is what i wonder. I never feared anything in my life because growing up in the inner city people get killed everyday steal everyday lie cheat. So basically Detroit is like a jungle and i fear no man ever. But on that day i just felt like his prey and he was coming to get me at anytime..I was frozed and just couldnt move until i gathered myself together and went into the house. I only told my girlfriend this because i had to tell someone but i didnt think she would believe me but she did. I cant tell another soul about this because for 1 they wont believe me and second just because i smoke weed i know they gonna say i got laced with some cocaine or something which is not true at all. Everytime at night when i go out on my block i always feel like someone or something is watching me..Maybe he has been there longer than i thought. Can someone tell me something about these things please? Thank you for your time..... anonymous Detroit East side Native 

Reader says They Are Real...and the Government Knows It!

Werewolves are real and the fact you havent had a sighting to me means werewolves have moved or are now assimilating into the human population. I know I sound like a nut , but believe me its true , this I know as fact and so does the United States government. - Anonymous

Movie- Who to Believe?

Well I saw that movie Beast of Bray Road and although it was a pretty good movie and had me on the edge of my seat, it was a little far out, and I bet if I had to guess the sightings will start back up now, since the movie came out. Its hard to know what to believe and what not to believe in people. And so many people have seen this and seen that, and there is alot of unexplained things out there, some seen, some not seen yet. There are a handful of people out there that have seen something like this that you cant explain, but the ones that make up a story about what they have seen makes it hard for the ones that really have seen something.. Its hard to know who really to believe. - L.


Hello, I'm a researcher who studies the unexplained. I have some questions... Has the beast ever killed any one? How far is Bray Rd. from this UFO location? Is there a field in the area that strange orbs( if you will) been seen,if so how far from the location? Have there been animal killed by it or any reports of cattle mutations? As I said, I have study story like this from the U.S. to Nam. I don't believe it's connected to big foot in any form. Thank you for your time.- Al

(Note: Al and others, if you mean the Whitewater UFO sighting, it's about 25 miles. No strange orbs, no cattle mutilations. Most questions like these can be answered by reading the books, which can be ordered from your local library if you don't want to buy them. Or check the FAQ and History pages of this site. - Linda)

July 14, 2006

It sees you first: If this thing is half as intelligent as i think it may be , it would have seen you camping out trying to film it. that being the case it would keep as far away from you and your team as possible. in other words it probably was observing you. be careful out there, also it knows the woods better than you. - unsigned

Blood and Ritual? To Ms. Godfrey - I have just been introduced to your Werewolf sightings speculation and research, and I wanted to pitch my two-cents in on the Wisconsin mysteries. Although I am fairly young, I have been researching all sorts of sightings and less-than-normal stuff since I was young. Reading through the various sightings of your creature on Bray Road, especially when the animal sacrifices began, and the young man's sighting in Reed City, I wish to suggest another path of inquiry for you and fellow reseachers. Many native american tribes in the north-western and Alaska have stories galore of shape-changers, people from high-ranking magicians to normal farmers and fishermen taking on a different shape by wearing the skin of an animal. Rituals connected to the skins were fairly limited in description, but I will tell you that many global were-beast legends claim to lengthen the "spell" or transformation, blood is necessary. Some legends even claim there are ways to transform and control a lycanthrope by use of blood. All legends agree the person wearing the skin, or ensorcelled or whatever it may be, has limited control over their actions. With all the occult links in Bray Road, I would say research into local Indian legends and lineage would be extremely useful. It may also be useful to begin looking into Unsolved Murders or Missing Persons in the heaviest sightings areas. Missing homeless people might also be worth some looking in-to. Good luck in your searchings. Sincerely, J

(Note: Hi J, I think you will find a lot on the Native lore in both my books. Please write back after you read all that.- LG)

July 2006:

Note: I'm always glad to get letters, but I really do need specific dates, places, etc. to put them in the actual sightings log rather than here in the reader's offerings. Or at least a little more than the following two may judge them for yourselves!

Please dear readers, punctuation counts....

I was visiting wisconsin to visit my cousin and I my grandma and grandpa was telling us about the creature that supposely appears only at night on a road called bray road so me and my cousin didn't believe them i was just thinking that they were just trying to scare us cause we just got done watching a movie called curse but anyway we decided to go to the road we went at night about 1:48 am and we saw nothing but we saw nothing then we tried again like four times then we decided to go out again before we leave my grandmas house Sunday it was Friday we went out at about 12 something we decided to turn off the car and wait a little and about 10 min later we heard something like a hurt animal and then we saw a deer run across a road then we looked at it and it looked like a animal slash it had a huge 3 cut slash on its back then we looked at the woods and saw a big pear of yellow eyes looking at us and then we turned on the car really fast then we took off and when we looked back we saw a big person with long nails and big ears and he was standing weird it looked like he was couching but then we saw the yellow eyes looking at us and coming closer after that we floored it we were scared we went home and told are grandparents and they said are you lying to use and then we told them and we almost peed our pants and then we decided that we are never going down that road again or that town again - unsigned


One that did not make it into the sightings reply from the writer to my query for names of town, police department, etc. But it's a jolly good tale, a little over the top however in my opinion....

I don't really want to give out my personal information, but this is my story. I was with my boyfriend in Michigan on a vacation in March. We had driven down from Toronto and we had been driving around the back country at 3 am for some reason. we weren't drunk or anything, we just felt bored and we had gotten to this particular part of Michigan this late. We were driving my favorite car ever - my new beautiful Red 2006 Ford Mustang. Custums included!! We were going down a deserted road when Jake (my boyfriend) points to the side of the road, saying he saw someone, but he said they looked too tall and much too hairy. I slowed the car to a crawl, when something whams into the other side of the car (my side). the car nearly move 5 ft!! I gunned the car and we sped down the road.

Then, when I stopped shaking, we slowed down. Then Jake looks back and screams something was following us. I look back, only to see nothing. Then Jake yells again, as something jumps on the hood of the car, causing the engine to quit. By then we're screaming and praying to god we make it out alive. All I can really, really remember is those eyes. Yellowish- orange, staring at me through my drivers-side window. The creature was on all fours, but huge, like a dog or wolf, with grey-brown fur and wicked fangs, I saw these as it growled savagely at me. It had a bushy tail that whacked the window, big thick. It had pointed ears like a German Shepherd, and had a short pointed snout. Then it moved away. I did not know how many creatures were around us, but I'm sure two or three.Jake finds a flashlight in the glove compartment, a very large one, and shakily shines it out the front window.

We see one creature, not the same one that stared at me, cause this one was a darker brown color. The only thing that really, really, REALLY bugged me about this one was IT WAS STANDING UPRITE LIKE A HUMAN!!! It was about 6 or 7 ft tall, its forearms were bent oddly, one more strangely then the other, maybe it had been hurt, and I only saw its enormous front paws, and I was sure at that point, we were going to die, but then a miracle happened, the creature let out a mighty ROAR, for some reason, which called to the grey one like it, then the creature returned to its four paws to the ground stance, then the creatures quickly bounded away, into the corn fields surrounding us. We sat there, breathing like we had run a race, and sweating profusely.

Shakily, I tried to start my mangled Mustang and miraculously, it started. I gunned it to the next town, but still didn't stop until day light. I was wondering why people in the next town were staring, but soon we stopped at a police station to report what happened. I looked at my Mustang, and literally cried. My driver's-side door had a huge dent in it, the window had a crack. The hood had dents in it, the size of soccer balls, and huge scratches down the back fender and on the hood as well. Of course the police thought Jake and I were crackpots, and just laughed, then I showed them my car and just thought that we did that. Then Jake describes more vividly what we saw, and one of the serious cops tells us about other cases like ours and gives us sample reports and web sites. Me and Jake are still together now, and everytime this subject comes up, we re quick to end it. I hope that this isnt the worst case ever, cuz if people need evidence, I already junked my *sniff,tear* beautiful Mustang, and bought a new one. The only thing I saved was a small piece of fur, grey-brown, and put it in a bag and gave it to the police the day we reported it. Still, when I drive down to the states, ANYWHERE I go, I dont go alone, or out at night or drive around back roads. I barely do it at home anymore..... -- Miss Jamie Dawson

A Flurry of Postings after the April 29 show with Ian Punnett and again after the May 13 show- Thanks to all who listened, called and wrote!

Posted May 14, 2006: Happy Mother's and She-Wolf Day!

White Deer is Fallow Deer

Hi Linda, Heard your appearance on Coast-To-Coast tonight with Ian Punnett and your remarks about the white deer people have been seeing. Took a look at the pictures on your blog page, linked from the Bray Road Beast page. The first thing that struck me was the ears, they seem too small to be a white tailed deer. Also the fact that the deer seems friendly and not at all frightned of the dog. I did some looking around and it appears that it's a FALLOW DEER. Here's a link to a picture of a Fallow deer that looks almost identical to the one pictured on your site, except for the black hooves. Fallow Deer are raised commercially in Wisconsin as a meat animal, much like steers for the beef industry. With it being friendly with the dog, most likely had them around while in captivity, it seems like this is likely an escaped domesticated deer. There are a number of Associations of Fallow Deer Ranchers and possibly could find one located in the SE Wisconsin area this deer may have come from. Or maybe it was just someone's pet that got away, or was released on purpose. But the ears definitely are not those of a white tail which is the only native deer in Wisconsin. - Sam

(Note from Linda: Thanks Sam, I believe you are right.)

Indiana Creatures from Mike in Northern Indiana- Cow-sized Dog

As Iıve gotten both submitted reports and first-hand grape-vine talk that comes in to me, one Œoddityı that came was from a teacher at my kidıs high school. It seems that while traveling on a county road (300 E.) (which travels thru an area that holds several of my more credible sightings), he told of driving down this road when he had to stop quickly to avoid an animal walking down the middle of the road, not just across it. What shocked and surprised him, was that this animal was, what he described as a ³dog, as big as a cow² that just stared at him as he slowly pulled around it to avoid hitting it, then quickly drove off because of the shock of the moment. This is all immediately near one of many old, old 1800ıs cemeteries that dot that part of the countyŠ and again, in the middle of what Iıd describe as a historically active area for BF sightings, as far as my county is concerned.

My county also has a long history or Miami and Potawatomi Native American life, before their removal in/around 1839. All that to say, in general Iıve continued to notice that MANY of my counties sightings also occur in high proximity to where the Native American tribes once lived, died or used for burial grounds. Thatıs something that (a friend) and I have discussed till weıre both exhausted and frustrated with the topic. I donıt quite understand or see Œwhyı there should be any connection, and maybe there isnıt and itıs purely coincidental. Anyway, I just wanted to drop that odd encounter on you, because of the Œdogı connection that was of such incredible size it was completely out of place, and right in the middle of an area of historical BF sightings. OHŠ and Œsomewhereı in my research, I HAVE SEEN Œsomewhereı a BF report from Indiana that included a muzzle, more than a normal Œfaceı. IF I can find that or get more on it, Iıll pass it on to you. And if I were to learn any more about that Œmassive dogı sighting, Iıll let you know, should it seem in any way relevant to either area of research. - Mike

posted May 11, 2006: The Perfect Wolf-hunt vehicle

I've been reading a lot of accounts on your website (and in your book) about people who bumped the beast with their cars. Listen, GF...when you're cruising down a country lane on a dark and stormy night you don't want one of these modern wussy cars---you want the 1955 Buick Wolfblaster---the car that makes the wolffolk tremble!!!   Cassandra Morrison, Minneapolis, MN  

Posted May 5, 2006 - More Paranormal Manwolf Encounters

Red Eyes on the Stairway

I rode on the elevator from the fourth floor to the first at eleven a.m. on a bright spring day. I walked into my three story apartment building. and at the end of the first floor at the foot of the stairs, was a pair of bright red eyes, nothing else visible. Thinking the kids had done a pretty good job in simulating a entity, I walked up to it and a foot away from it looked to where its face would be..., Oh! It blinked it's eyes..., I was just thinking of reaching over to touch its would be body, as I cond not see any light fishing line or such suspending it. I realized that it was not there for me, so i turned to the right and went into my apartment.

later I checked it was gone. I did think of keeping it for a pet.

driving a taxi at night we see many things especially in the country, it is interesting that they have yellow eyes, i thought that it might be some wolf in the brush, but did not think of it as a werewolf. yours, truly


Dream of the Sexy Dog Man in Milwaukee; Alien/Dogman Abduction?

- Hi: I sent this to Ian Punnet during the interview show on Apr. 29, 2006 I'm a born and raised Wisconsin girl. I know there are a lot of wolves in Wisconsin, but this one is different (note from editor: I abridged this account for space reasons)

DREAM - It seemed I was somewhere in Milwaukee, WI. 6-28-01 I knew there was a bus stop a few blocks north of where I was, so I headed that direction. I got up to the intersection finally but I didn't have money to take the bus to the west, so some women who were traveling that way agreed to take me with them. Here it starts getting strange because we traveled awhile and I was trying to figure out where we were.

I thought perhaps we were in Iowa, but when I asked where we were, the women said, "The Poconos", which I knew was in New York. She then showed me a map that appeared we were in a state more like Nebraska. At least it looked similar to that. We ended up in a rather strange place. I didn't see the outside of the building but the inside was all wood rather like logs laid on their sides and debarked. The men here weren't normal either. I discovered that the women who came here had something surgically removed from their brains to make them docile. There were two young women ahead of me. The man who looked rather wild and brutal, but who knew what he was doing, inserted a long gold wire through a puncture at the very top of their noses into their brains and extracted something from deep inside their heads. Perhaps it was from the pituitary gland. I don't know.

When it came to my turn, he grabbed my head and just before he was going to insert the wire into the top of my nose, I jerked my head sideways and the wire went past my face instead. He had been distracted by the head woman I was traveling with and he didn't notice that he hadn't inserted the wire into my brain. Then they brought in a dog/man type creature who was to be my mate. He was taller than I, wore no clothes but was fully furred like a fuzzy dog, not like a regular dog but with fur more like a poodle would have. His face was rather round snouted, not long like a Shepherd or Collie. He was round faced, more humanoid, but not quite. I don't recall that he spoke english, but he understood english.

He tried to mate with me as soon as he saw me, but again I managed to move quickly and with the head woman's help he just held me in his arms rather more like a man would. It seemed he had hands and not paws. It felt rather good to be held by him, like comforting... but remember ... he was furry, not human. I started to wake up and I sensed some quick movement around me like some people were panicked that I was to going remember some details I shouldn't and I started to see this large golden swirl in front of me to removed the memories, and I promised myself I would remember anyway. Perhaps I have forgotten something, but I got a lot of it. end of dream. All I can say is: Yikes! Dee


Posted April 30 2006

The Manwolf is not an Alpha Lycan!

I heard some of your words on the radio tonight and the stories see a little inaccurate. If a man was faced with a creature with such ability, why would the creature not eliminate him as an act of survival? Why does the lycan have to exist off road kill? The whole premise of your creature is that it has a moral ability to control itself from doing what is natural to the lycan ... what about sheer instinct? Instinct is that of self preservation and would dictate it would not act submissive as some of the stories. Anyway, this could never be an Alpha and no pack could ever exist without an Alpha. Look for a person who is anti social, stays out of sight of most and is mostly a member of the local society that is recluse to the 10th power. good luck on your endeavors


Werewolf Hill - Texas

. Hello. I grew up in Johnson City, TX. There used to be an old man that lived on top of a hill on the outskirts of Blanco, TX. He clamed to be a werewolf, and anytime you could ask him to see his teeth, and he would remove his dentures and show you an almost perfect pair of dog-like K-9 teeth. I didn't believe it myself when I first herd it, but I was taken up to him, and he told me his story. His family had lived in that house even before Johnson City or Blanco were founded, and back then the hill was called Werewolf Hill too. He showed me his teeth, and photographes of very hairy people he clamed as relatives. He even bred wolfs too. I thought that was a little funny.


Another Devil-Dancer (a woman called into the show with a similar story told by her own grandmother who felt she had danced with the devil one night in a barn in the San Joaquin Valley)

This was in Fresno Ca. at the Rainbow Ballroom and was investigated by The FPD and the Catholic Church. A young girl went with out permission to a dance there and was greeted by this entity and asked her to dance. She began dancing but htey were near the corner of the dance floor. The witnesses stated that there was a strong odor of sulfur and burning weed. I am a musician and know the layout of this venue therefor eit is always loked with chains during this time in the back entrance so no one can get in free. She accepted the dance and they began to dance with this entity and began to scream outragously with fear. She stated that the man had goat feet and stated running towards people for help! Immediatly a crowd formed and a small group of men went running after this entity and found that the doors chains had been off on the back then they went running through the alley way looking forthis entity. the police were called and began looking for this thing and I remenber they blocked off the street and they also stated that they thought soemthing was on fire or it smelled like weed.

The girl was sent to home but was in a horrible fear stating that she saw the devil.A Monsignior was dispatched to their house by relatives. They began praying over her but she died that night. They say she died of fright and shock. this was documented by the Fresno Bee and other stories and was mentioned at the church qute often. This story is a very sad story but is very true. Since a death happened it was required that it would be investigated therefore the records through the police dept. But may be in microfish but proabaly destroyed already but it would be in the chruch records. Many a time Mexican American people have seen many sightings of strange things or entities and will automatically call it the devil but at the same time I truly believe that there are many demons that are loose and create mayhem on Earth. They have been here longer than we have and it is their natural habitat.


Towards the end of hour four, you had a caller "Susan" from San Diego who called in and told the story of an event that happened to her grandmother. She had an experience where she danced with the Devil in Firebaugh, California sometime around 1900. Man, my hair stood on end, and I called my wife. It was almost exactly like one of the favorite family ghost stories. Here is a story from we believe sometime in the late 1890s, and dance hall called "La Salita" ( later called La Sala ) in a town called San Luis, Colorado.

The story was told to my father-in-law, a Navajo, and his siblings by his grandmother who witnessed the event. Grandma Juanita Ramirez and her best friend would frequent the dance hall. Grandma Juanita would often chide her friend that the devil would come for her because she was extremely vain, and prideful of her beauty. One night, while they were at a dance, a man whom no one knew arrived and sought to become acquainted with Grandma's friend. Grandma said that he was the most stunning man she had ever seen. "If a man could ever be beautiful, he was beauty". His suit of clothes were the finest and exquisitely tailored. The other women were jealous of Grandma's friend because the strange man would only dance with her and no others.

They spent the entire evening together, and danced every single dance, and at midnight, as the band played the last waltz for the evening, he began to dance her towards the door. As the people were watching the couple sweep gracefully across the floor, someone yelled "Bless the Sacred Names of Jesus, Mary and Joseph! That man has no feet!" The crowd looked down and saw he had cloven hooves, and left the foot prints of a goat in the sawdust strewn about the floor. Grandma's friend's eyes popped open wide as she realized with whom she was dancing, and he disappeared. He just vanished and left behind a sulphur smell in the air. The story goes on to say that her eyes remained that way for the rest of her life. My father-in-law and his siblings would call her "bug eye" when ever they saw her. I wonder how many other people out there have similar tales to tell? Thanks JT Hall

The difference between wolf and dog skulls - Florida

Here's a bit of trivia for you. Long ago and far away (on a dark and stormy night) I was foolishly in pursuit of a degree in anthropology at Florida State University in Tallahassee, which is located in the Big Bend area, that is, the eastern portion of the Florida Panhandle. This is NOT what people who don't know the area think of as "Florida." Anyway, one of my most interesting classes was taught by a genial professor with a great deal of field experience, and was called zoarcheology. The subject at hand was the study of animal remains found in an archeological site. One of the things I remember from this class was an obvious difference between dog skulls and wolf skulls. The muscles that power the lower jaw are anchored to or near the top of the head. The wolf, having a far more powerful jaw than most dogs, has a bony ridge, called the occipital crest I believe, that is very prominent and runs down the top of the head from the back of the skull toward the eyes. This anchor point for those powerful jaw muscles is much more pronounced in wolves than it is in dogs. It is very visible. - Woody


Short and stinky werewolf that grunts like a pig? - Rhode Island

FROM RON,,,,,RHODE ISLAND,,,,,,I own a farm here,,,,,on ri /conn line,,,,,,,,,1000s of acres of abbutting land in conn, up state new york,,,,chepachet is still like the 1800s,,,,,honest,,,,for a week straight a howling every nite, 11pm, to 2 pm,,,,I have black bears, but never heard this sound,,,,,last sat nite the sound was close, so I went to look,,,,this small creature was banging the doors on my shed,,I have pet rabbits, they were going crazy in their cages,,,,,,I put the lights on,,,,got my gun,,,,this creature looks like your picture,,,,he was 4 feet tall,,,,all hairy,,,,man he smell ed ,awfull,,,,,,but he wasnt mean,,,,I didnt know whether to give him something to eat,,,he had red eyes,,me made a grunting sound,,like a pig,,,,then he ran off,,,,,,,Ron,,,,,,,,maybe I can snap a pict of him,,hes out there evey nite,,,,,in my pastures,,,,,,,,

More on the Beast of Gevaudan - Posted 4/16/06

Hi Linda, With regards to the enquiry about the beast of France that killed many in the 1700s, I think many have theorised that such a creature was a Hyena although over time the solutions have become hazed. There is a remote possibility that something like an escaped tiger or lion may have been to blame for the killings, but such beasts have been quite common throughout folklore, with Finland, Egypt, India etc, having all seen attacks from wolfen creatures. I have written about such creatures in my three self-published books: ODD-BODIES CLANDESTINE CREATURES and my unique reference book ALIEN ZOO: THE A-Z OF ZOOFORM PHENOMENA whic covers all manner of weird and wonderful creatures from winged humanoids, to black dogs, to manimals, to phantom bogeymen etc, should people wish to buy copies my email is: The Gevaudan 'beast' was often well described by witnesses as a marauding animal with a shaggy coat. Wolves were common in France so clearly we weren't dealing with something wolf-like. The mystery predator was pretty large so the only hyena that could fit this is the Striped species, but even so the body count was very strange. Maybe the beast was nothing more than a conspiracy, but from around that time the carcass of a hyena DID turn up. I would certainly suggest a flesh and blood creature for this panic, although there have been seeveral cases from around the world of attacks on humans but involving clearly fabricated creatures, i.e. Monkey Man of India and even the Chupacabras which for me is a cultural fear despite leaving exsanguinated animal carcasses in its wake. Many cryptozoologists will not opt for this solution because they strongly feel that what they are researching is very real, but it's clear to me that these kind of 'beasts' have existed for thousands of years as a cultural fear in the local belief system, which to me makes them very much maniestations. Neil Arnold


posted 4/3/06

Hello Linda,   I have heard in past years about the Beast of La Gevaudan, and have read briefly about it and have always wondered about what that animal was.  Several weeks ago I did a lot of web searching about this topic and came up with lots of interesting websites.  The below is an extract from one website, and I particularly like the sketch of what one person interpreted from stories from so long ago.  This looks something like one or two Pleistocene animals, and, unfortunately it will probably never be known for certain what type of animal killed so many humans in France back then.   I don't care to read much about werewolves, according to the typical explanation of what those creatures were or are, though, and would rather approach all these strange animal sightings and stories from the natural point of view as relics from an older time, maybe something new that is evolving, or maybe hybrids of some type.  Of course many sighitngs are misinterpretations of what the sighter really saw, although I certainly believe in cougars, big coyotes, and wolves that are spreading throughout the East again.    Anyway, I thought that if you hadn't seen the below sketch you might find it interesting.  I wondered about the name of the artist too. (Jill Gevaudan)    Don (Note from Linda: the sketch is copyrighted so I could not post it)


Wanted: Witness Drawings for CryptoExhibit Needed for the the forthcoming "Cryptozoology Out of Time Space Place" exhibition, your original eyewitness drawing. Can you help? Read Full Post... Posted by Loren Coleman on April 2, 2006 5:31 am EDT


Hello Linda, I was visiting a website about Bigfoot sightings in the gulf coast. In doing so I came across 2 non-bigfoot creature sightings, one in Texas & one in Illinois. Both eye witness reports describe the creature they saw as "werewolves". I thought you might like to take a look. (IL) (TX) Regards, Allan.


The other day, I was browsing the web for bigfoot encounters, trying to find out if there were any sightings that involved "bigfoot" looking like a canid, and I came across two sound files that are supposed to be from a bigfoot. I am not at all convinced that this first one is from a bigfoot. It sounds more like the same guy (the guy announcing) used two different recording devices to try and pull a spoof, but it sure is entertaining to listen to. :-) This second one sounds to me like the real deal! :-o I'm certainly convinced, but what do you think? Do you believe that's a bigfoot, or even possibly our Beast of Bray Road? Or do you believe that it's an altered recording? Sincerely, Jim


I spend many hours in the field researching 'big cats' which I've filmed and monitored for fifteen years ( - click to Enter and scroll right to the cat info!) but the more sinister monster mysteries have fascinated me for years, but the Bray Road creature is excellent because of its staying power. I also think that maybe this 'beast' is connected to the Indian burial ground, or some kind of 'certain' area, like you say, some kind of window area, even if it's a 'pathway' that stretches for miles. Whilst these creatures clearly straddle that frail line of reality and ethereality, the keep on coming. Have you heard of the Washington batsquatch ? It's a very similar creature to the Bray Road werewolf except for the fact it spouted two leathery wings. - Neil


Dear Mrs. Godfrey, First of all, let me congratulate you with the splendid work you did on The Beast of Bray Road. It was well written, with the correct amount of humour and you've always kept an open mind, not forcing your opinion upon others, but in stead, providing an ample amount of information so that the reader can form their own opinion on the matter. Seeing I'm from a country that's totally void of such 'mythical' lores (I'm from the Netherlands), which is outright boring at times, I can only say it's been a pleasure reading the book. In the book, you mentioned the possibility of a movie on the subject, starring Mick Fleetwood if I'm not mistaken. However, I believe you also mentioned the project was cancelled. Recently, I was surprised to find the title on the website. I was wondering if you had any imput in this movie? Judging the storyline (I have no seen the movie myself), it appears to be rather conflicting with the actual accounts in Winsconsin and therefore I have my doubts whether you were involved, but I suppose it cannot hurt to ask. Leaves me to say again how much I enjoyed reading the book and I'm very anxious to read any future books from you on the subject. Kind regards, Leon

(Note from Linda: Thanks for the wonderful comments but for the record, I had nothing at all to do with The Asylum's DVD titled "The Beast of Bray Road."






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