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Strange Wisconsin, More Badger State Weirdness

includes more stories of the Beast of Bray Road, Bigfoot in Wisconsin, Wisconsin Man Bat, Goat Man and Washington Co. Bearwolf


Holy Hill: Dec. 22, 2006 - Another bearwolf sighting reported near Watertown, WI

I just wanted to tell you of a possible related sighting to what has been reported lately around Milwaukee. Two summers ago two co-workers of mine were driving home from work one night. They were following each other when they saw a large creature cross the road in front of them. Amanda, who was in the first vehicle said it was walking hunched over using its hind legs and one front leg. She said it looked almost as if it had one hurt leg the way it moved across the road. She said she could clearly see its head over the top of the front of her SUV as it passed in front of her. She said it was dark colored, lean, and had shaggy matted hair. Chellie who was in the vehicle behind Amanda described the same thing. They both seemed a bit embarrased when they told me what they saw the next day and said that I probably thought they were crazy. Their story actually reminded me of the Bray Road story that I head about back in the early 1990s. I then asked them if they had ever heard of that story which they both said no, so I went and printed out some articles on that incident for them to read. The sighting took place on Navan Road a few miles outside of Watertown Wisconsin. I drive that road all the time and have never seen anything like they described. We did have a report of a bear this past summer at my work which is just a bit off of Navan Road, but me, nor DNR were able to find any evidence of a bear in the area. - Chris

(Note: I will be following up on this story by interviewing the two women) - Linda

Scroll down for original story and more updaThe Washington County Bigfoot is not a Bigfoot!

holy hillMuch ado about something...but NOT a Bigfoot! Two Milwaukee TV stations, WTMJ ch. 4 and WISN ch. 12, reported Nov. 9 and 10, 2006, that Steven Krueger, 39, a contractor bearwolfwho picks up roadkill for Washington and several other counties in southern Wisconsin, had an encounter with a Bigfoot. After a lengthy phone interview with Krueger on Nov. 10, I found out that he did have a strange experience with an unidentifiable creature, but it was NOT a Bigfoot. From Krueger's description, the closest I can come is the creature that has been seen near Wausau tagged the "Bearwolf" by investigator Todd Roll, and described in "Hunting the American Werewolf." My illustration from that book is at right. Krueger says the only thing he would change would be to make the snout slightly shorter and more covered with hair.

So what really happened? According to Krueger, he was making his usual rounds the night of Nov. 8, when about 1:30 am on the morning of Nov. 9, he spotted a 70-80 pound deer that wasn't on his pick-up list on Hwy. 167, at .165 miles east of the Holy Hill entrance on Church Road. He picked the deer up anyway, noting that it was "still limp" and probably freshly killed. Krueger stands six feet tall and weighs 230 pounds, and was able to hoist the carcass into the truck with some effort, using his knees for extra stabilization. After getting the deer into the truck bed, he left the tailgate down and got into his cab to make notes. He also left on the light that illuminates the truck bed, and, in compliance with DOT regulations, his flashing amber light on top of the cab. He had the windows rolled up and radio playing loudly.

"The first I knew about it was when the truck shook," said Krueger. "I thoght it might be the wind, but then it happened again, only stronger. I looked in the rearview mirror and I saw it. It was standing on the ground, bent over the tailgate, reaching into the back of the truck. It had its paw out and had the deer by one paw. I frozen for a few seconds from being shocked," said Krueger, "threw the truck into drive and stepped on it to get out of there."

167Krueger estimates he looked at the creature for about five seconds before flooring the gas pedal. "It had pointy ears, triangular shaped," he said, "and they looked like big wolf ears standing up on end. That was the main feature that made me realize it was not a bear. It had a longer muzzle than a black bear, and its head was more like a wolf than a bear. It almost looked like a very large black bear standing on its feet, if you took a wolf's head and enlarged it and set it on the bear's body." Krueger guessed the creature's height at six to seven feet, but only was able to see it from the chest up. The fur was about two inches long, black, and fairly smooth, he said. "I know it wasn't Bigfoot."

As Krueger drove away, he heard a metallic clang, which he recognized as one of the aluminum, fold-up ramps he uses to help drag large specimens into the truck bed. Folded up, the ramp is about one and a half feet wide by two and a half feet long, he said. He guessed that it was tangled up in the legs of the deer he had just thrown in, because both the ramp and the deer were then pulled clear of the truck.

Krueger drove a short distance away, then decided he wanted to go back and see if he could retrieve the ramp. He drove back, he said, and got out of the truck "for about two second," mindful that the creature could still be in the area. He didn't notice any odor or see the creature, he said, and both the deer and the ramp had vanished. Krueger continued his rounds, driving around until 4:30 am and trying to decide if he should report it. He was afraid of being made fun of, he said, but finally decided that this was something large enough to be dangerous, and that the sheriff should be alerted. He drove to the sheriff's department in West Bend, walked in, and made his report. "I was afraid it would take a Bigfoot turn," said Krueger, although he was careful not to say that word. And yet, a TV employee later told him that the deputy who handled his report wrote that it was a "Yeti" sighting. "I told them it looked something like a bear but was not a bear," said Krueger, adding he has observed everything from wolves to coyotes feeding on deer carcasses late at night. "I never said it was Bigfoot."


Dover clip art images of black bear and wolf

He said the sheriff's deputy asked if it could have been a person in a fur suit. Krueger chuckled, explaining that the deer he picked up was not on his list and that no one knows his route on any given night. "Would someone sit in the woods and wait 48 hours for me to come along just to scare me?" he asked. "It didn't look like a human configuration," he added.

As for gathering evidence, Krueger said that there were no prints left that he could see on the truck bed, which was full of other carcasses, hair and blood. He wasn't sure how the creature was able to grasp the deer with one paw and pull it from the truck bed, because he couldn't see the paw itself. The sheriff's department told him that bears are extremely rare in that area. "I know what a bear looks like, and this was not a bear," said Krueger emphatically. He also said that the creature did not jump on or into the truck, as was reported. He wasn't able to see its eyes as it was looking down into the truck bed.

The one thing that puzzled me was why Krueger would have heard the ramp hit the pavement, indicating it had fallen to the ground, and yet it was nowhere to be found. Did the creature pick it up and take it along? Did another motorist come along and grab it? Krueger says that's unlikely since he only drove as far as Hwy. K before turning back and didn't see any other vehicles in the area. His best guess was that when he took off in the truck, the creature was holding onto the deer which then got dragged out of the truck, with the ramp entangled in its legs. He thinks the deer and ramp hit the pavement at the same time. It's hard to imagine that the ramp could have stayed that tangled in the legs of a freshly killed, smallish doe even after hitting the tangled that the creature was forced to carry both away together....but there doesn't seem to be any other explanation.

As of Friday night, word did seem to be getting out that this was not a Bigfoot. Ch. 12, on its 10 pm broadcast Nov. 10, changed the animal's tag to "mysterious creature," and used Krueger's voice to say it wasn't a Bigfoot or Yeti.. Still, Krueger is sorry he reported it to the sheriff's department in the first place which is unfortunate from a researcher's point of view. This is exactly the reason that the great bulk of sightings probably are kept secret, preventing the public from ever knowing the true scope of these creatures' existence and thwarting an accurate database. I'm just glad he did come forward.

---Linda Godfrey, 11-10-06

Geography of the Holy Hill area:

First, Holy Hill is a very picturesque Catholic shrine and chapel set onto a majestic hilltop overlooking two river systems, the Oconomowoc on the east and the Little Oconomowoc to its west. Both rivers are connected to a major grouping of lakes just south of the Washington County line. The whole area is filled with woods and marshes. Directly to the east of Holy Hill lies Glacier Hills County Park. The Holy Hill shrine was in the news recently when two young men vandalized it, using spray paint to mis-spell such epithets as "Satin" over its walls, and is now protected by a new security system and lights. The sighting occurred on Holy Hill Road, or 167, 1/3 mile east of Station Way Road in the town of Erin, very close to the "Church Road" that leads to the shrine. This is less than a mile from where 167 crosses Flynn Creek, so you have a waterway very close by. This is excellent wildlife habitat, and very typical terrain for creature sightings in this state.

Breaking News 11/12/06: Second Witness Comes Forward

After Ch. 12 WISN Milwaukee aired a second story on the Washington County Deer-Snatcher, a second witness came forward and told Ch. 12 news anchor Mike Miller that he saw the same creature two years ago on Hwy. 60 two years ago. This person did see the entire creature, and said that it walked on its hind legs, its weight shifting from side to side. The first report said that it occurred at Hwy. 60 and J, but I'm not sure of that location and will be checking on the rest of the story as well. This witness reportedly has said he will tell his story on camera, perhaps on the 10 pm news 11/12. Check back for updates.


11/13/06: Media Circus Moves to the Big Top...Biscardi's on the way

With Ch. 12 WISN apparently sitting on the "second witness" story, Washington County cryptid witness Steve Krueger continues to be wooed by assorted and diverse media, researchers and curiosity seekers. But he has decided not to allow himself to be shown on camera, he said, for the sake of his family and his employment. He has been cooperating with me and with another local researcher, Mike Lane, and he has been back to the site to look for the AWOL AV ramp with no luck. I do have plans to be in the sighting area this week, mostly to photograph the terrain since others have been searching the area fruitlessly.

Mike Lane, an independent and part time researcher who knows the Holy Hill area well, has combed the area and the day after Krueger's sighting, did see large, undefined footprints from something bipedal that he followed for about a mile until they disappeared in a swamp. The prints were not sharp enough to cast or describe, other than as appearing to have been made by something very heavy, said Lane, who is shown left in the white sweatshirt with hunting companion in front of the marshy area the creature walked through on the north side of 167. He also found two abandoned old barns in an open area 200 yards off the road at the sighting area. One contained a hay pile where it appeared something had been bedding down, but Lane could find no hairs, droppings or other evidence of what the bedder might be. Lane has installed a motion sensitive camera with the permission of the landowner, and baited the area around it. He also noted that Krueger told him the creature had wide shoulders, and that this made him think it wasn't a bear. "Bears when they stand up have no shoulders to speak of," said Lane, a lifelong hunter and tracker.

one of the barns where Lane found possible evidence of creature habitation

The much promoted, corporate-backed Bigfoot hunter Tom Biscardi also plans to be in the area soon, according to Krueger. Krueger has authorized me to say that Biscardi phoned him today and repeatedly asked if it wasn't Bigfoot, after all, that Krueger had seen. "He kept saying, 'Bigfoot, Bigfoot,'" said Krueger. Krueger pointedly told him no, and Biscardi then informed Krueger that "these things" are migrating southward right now (Bigfoot outfitted with tracking collars?), and that he plans to come to Washington County with a full crew by this weekend "no matter what." He added that he's had twelve "personal encounters" with Bigfoot, and that there had been another sighting "south" of Krueger's reported just yesterday. Biscardi also reportedly talked with the West Bend newspaper.

Well, Steve Krueger will take any help he can get to find his missing AV ramp.

The thing is, the creature was spotted in a huge area of natural cover, waterways and marshes. Large carnivores need to roam vast areas every day in order to get their daily caloric requirements. So it's unlikely to be hanging around in the same exact place it was spotted before, especially with all the commotion and extra traffic that's been generated by the reports. I wish Biscardi well, however. He IS bringing a thermal imaging camera. Nobody wants to see one of these various species photographed more than I do, and I don't really care who first brings home the documentary bacon.

Besides, if all of this makes people finally realize just how many upright, furry cryptids have been sighted in the southern Wisconsin area over the past six decades, as I've been trying to document over the past 14 years, that will make the media circus worth it. (artwork is witness sketch by Marv Kirschnik, from Hunting the American Werewolf)

11/14/06: Two More Sightings in Washington County Confirmed

Today not only did Mike Miller of WISN confirm that he did have another sighting reported to his station that occurrred in November of 2004, two other peopletold me today that they saw what could be the same creature just this Sunday night, Nov. 12, north of West Bend. WISN is putting together a segment about the new developments as word is beginning to trickle out that this was not a Bigfoot.

The 2004 sighting was of a quadruped, not a biped as earlier reported, and occurred on Hwy. 60 between Slinger and Mayfield, near J at 5 am. This is about five miles NE of Krueger's sighting. Miller told me that the animal they saw crossed the road shifted its weight strangely on its hind legs. I'm hoping to get more details.

The sighting this Sunday night was made by two men northeast of West Bend on Shalom Drive just off Hwy. 144 at 8:30 pmshalomdrive. The creature crossed the road in front of them on all fours. It was the size of a deer, they said, but was not a deer. It had the head of a wolf, a furry, muscular body that was far too lean to be a bear, and was much larger than a gray wolf. The witnesses' exact words were, "It was the size of a large deer but with a large back and shoulders, thick fur, a massive wolf-like head, pointy ears and no tail." They said it "lumbered" across the road showing no concern for their approaching vehicle. The driver stopped and got out and looked around but could find no footprints; the creature had disappeared into the woods. The driver, who actually wrote the email, said it was then that his friend told him about the Holy Hill sighting and that was the first he knew of it. I was most impressed by the fact that it had no tail. Since other witnesses have reported seeing wolf-headed creatures walk both on two and four legs during the same sighting, I see no reason this couldn't be the same thing Steve Krueger saw steal his deer carcass.

I had a brilliant suggestion from a reader to ask Krueger whether he had noticed any waves of missing carcasses and whether there might be a pattern. I did ask , and he said this occurs frequently but he had never thought to record them so he wasn't able to give times or locations. He did vow to begin making daily notes, however, in case there are spots that seem to be "visited" more often than others.

11/15/06: Two Young Waukesha boys and Central Wisconsin Man have sightings

Milwaukee TV Channel 4 has reported on its Web site that two young boys, David Radeztsky and a friend of his named Dillon, of Waukesha, saw a "hairy monster" in the woods near their backyard in the town of Merton. Their ages were not given, nor was a more detailed description. But I had an email from a 58-year old man who reported seeing a similar creature cross the road ahead of his car in Central Wisconsin yesterday near the Portage/Marathon County line off Hwy. 34 and near the Mead Wildlife refuge. This is very close to the area where the creature I call the Wausau Whatzit was seen, along with strange light phenomena,about ten years ago. What Tom Schmenk described was different than the Whatzit, but quite chilling: "I have never seen anything like this before and will probably have trouble describing it here properly. As I first approached it, I thought it was a fox, but, the closer I got and the more I looked at it, I realized that it was much too large to have been a fox. I would say that it did have the "proportions" (i.e.: ratio of lentgh to height, etc.) of a fox but more the coloring of a wolf (but it was not a wolf). The coloring was more black/grey blotches. It seemed to be somewhat shaggy and "unkept" (the only word I can think of that comes close to describing it). When it turned to look at me it had the most hideous and evil-looking (triangular?) face I have ever seen." Schmenk estimated it was longer than a German shepherd but with a lower center of gravity. He saw it in broad daylight, about 2:30 pm from about 30 feet away.

Schmenk also wrote: "The tail was quite long and "bushy." As I recall, the ears were rather small and triangular. The eyes looked right through me. As it loped across the highway in front of me, it was an interesting curiosity; when it turned it's head and looked at me a chill went through me that I felt to my spine. I had never seen such an evil looking stare. I would have to say that the muzzle was quite short. Although I cannot say that it was snarling, the teeth were very, very plentiful and visible. THAT'S THE KEY! THE TEETH! THAT'S WHAT WAS SO ASTONISHING AND NOTEWORTHY TO ME! THERE WERE SO MANY TEETH! Another interesting thing about the skull; it seemed to be somewhat irregular. In other words, there did not seem to be total symmetry about it. I guess that may have been because of the bushy fur. I have to tell you that this was the most bizarre thing I have ever seen" The location is approximately 140 miles northwest of the Holy Hill area sightings.

I'm noticing some interesting correlations. The four Milwaukee area sightings form an almost straight line from Merton to lizardmoundnorth of West Bend. This always suggests the concept of ley lines, or straight areas that follow the earth's electromagnetic energies and where unusual things often occur. At least two of the reports came from very close to sacred areas...Holy Hill for Steve Krueger's, and Lizard Mound Park, (photo right) site of ancient animal effigy mounds, northeast of West Bend. As you can see, the mound park is surrounded by open fields. The Central Wisconsin sighting is near a place where many anomalous, UFO-like light activity has occurred. Click here for a map of approximate locations of RECENT sightings. Keep in mind there are many more.


I went on a creature stakeout last night with witness Steve Krueger and local hunter Mike Lane who knows the landowner across from Holy Hill. Mike has two flash-motion detector cameras mounted on what he has identified as the likeliest wildlife corridor taken by the creature for it to have appeared where it did. We baited them with fatty old soup bones and open cans of smelly, cheap cat food, and also audio "animal distress" calls that sound like a wounded, small deer. Mike was armed when we walked in to place the bait, I was grateful to note. It was dark and anything could have been out there.

(PHOTO RIGHT): Ch. 12 WISN's Mike Miller interviews Kim Del Rio, a Milwaukee creature witness who saw a wolf-headed, upright creature in the city at age 7. They are standing in the well-kept area across the road from the sighting, belonging to Holy Hill.

I couldn't make it an all-nighter because I had an early morning radio show to do with Ian Punnett's Minneapolis talk program, but I was there from about 6:30 til 11 pm. Tons of deer were bedding on the hillside, which told us there was probably no large carnivore in the immediate vicinity. We also visited the sighting local, which is very near Troll Hill Road. (I find it funny that Troll Hill is directly across the road from Holy Hill.) I got out and took some pics (see the night time shot above). I also looked around a bit for the ATV ramp while the others waited in the truck, but there was nothing of course. Steve and Mike left about 11:30, Steve told me this morning. Even though the creature didn't show, I was glad to have met both Steve and Mike. I can say that Steve seems entirely credible to me. He' s never varied on one detail of his story, and I'm quite sure he is telling the truth as he saw things. Tom Biscardi, it turns out, was there the previous (Tuesday) night but was unable to get either Mike or Steve to talk to him or cooperate in showing him locations, so everyone wonders just what he did there with all his crew and equipment. :-)

Nov. 27 2006: More details on the 2004 sighting: Bearwolf or Mutant Bear?

Another sighting of what could fairly be described as a bearwolf in 2004 was mentioned above. Mike Miller of Ch. 12 had asked me not to reveal the man's name until after their broadcast last evening so that they could be first to tell, but now I can both mention his name and officially report his story according to my own interview with him. The segment was well done, I thought, although I was disappointed that they left out the story of Milwaukee witness Kim Del Rio, who saw an upright, dog-headed creature on her neighbor's lawn 34 years ago.

But it was only two years ago, November 2004, when painting contractor Rick Selcherk, then 39, was on his way to a job at five a.m. It was between five and five-thirty am and dawn was just breaking, he told me, and he had visibility of about a mile. Heading north at 35-40 miles per hour in western Washington County just east of Hartford, he was alone in his work van when something strange stepped out of the brush from the east side, to his right. The exact location was Slinger Road, south of Hwy. 60 and just east of Mud Lake near a point where railroad tracks intersect the roadway. Mud Lake is connected to the Holy Hill Friess Lake area by the Coney River, and the entire area between is forested, with several gravel pits. The creature was 100-150 feet away when Selcherk first spotted it, he said, and it took about five seconds to cross the road while he kept driving.

"It started up over the top of the road, looked at me then kept running across the road in frontof me and into the brush. I see a lot of deer and it seemed the top of its back was as high as a deer's. I could see long tufts of hair coming off its chest and legs but not much of a tail. It had a short snout and pointy ears on top of a round head. The head was round like a pumpkin, but its ears were pointy like a dog's on top of its head pointing straight up. It had to weigh between 150 and 200 pounds."

Selcherk said the legs were not like a canine's but more like a bear's, with the animal running flat-footed and lumbering from side to side. "It was nothing close to a deer," he said, "but it didn't really look like a bear. It looked like a weird combination of two animals."

The fur was "brownish and dark," he said, and the tufts coming off its chest and legs were "long strands of hair like when a cat's fur separates."

Selcherk didn't notice any color to the creature's eyes, and estimated the tail was two-three inches long, "fat and wide." And Selcherk kept emphasizing that "the head was SO round, it didn't look like a bear's head. It was an eerie feeling as I seen it," he added. The creature made it into the brush on the other side of the road just before Selcherk approached it in his van. He slowed down but did not stop and get out, he said, as the thought entered his mind that the creature perhaps could come charging back out of the brush at him. When he got to the construction site where he was working that day, he told his painting partner about the encounter. He had not been drinking or doing drugs of any kind, he said. "I see a lot of animals on the job," he added, "but this was the biggest animal Ive ever seen."

Could it have been a round-headed, mutant bear? I don't think that explanation can be entirely ruled out, especially since the animal's body and mode of running do sound exactly bearlike. A bear in Washington County would be extremely unusual, but not impossible. Still, the fact that other people have seen something similar and all have protested that while the body was "bearlike," the head was not that of a bear, makes this sound like the bearwolf. The sighting was only four miles SW of Steve Krueger's Holy Hill incident, so it's certainly within range. And then we have the other strange quadruped seen NE of West Bend after Krueger's sighting. Either way, I think the good people of Washington County have the right to know that SOME strange carnivore that obviously has little fear of man is rousting about the edges of their lovely little subdivisions.


Nov. 28 2006: Two People See Two Upright Furry Creatures near Holy Hill, 1996

From my e-mail basket: 10 Years ago on Scenic Rd. approximate 1/4 mile north of Holy Hill Rd.. My employee and myself were coming home at 2 am from work spotted not one but two objects crossing scenic in north side of cemetery, about 6 to 7 foot tall with slanted eyes. Both objects were hairy, tall and quick.. We both decided it would be good not to say any thing to any body..might think we were nuts..But we were definitly kind of scared . Thought it might be of interest - RAS

My comments: First, it's interesting that this witness calls what are obviously creatures "objects." But people will often tell me they saw a "thing," meaning something unidentifiable, so I assume the word "object" is used in the same light here. This report appears to refer to bipedal creatures as a six-seven-foot tall quadruped would be enormous, and probably not described as "tall." Again, near a cemetery or sacred ground. Scenic Road runs north and south about four miles east of Holy Hill, and is crossed by the same railroad tracks noted in the Selcherk sighting of 2004, above. This sighting also indicates that there are more than one creature, obviously. It's also noteworthy because the creatures are bipedal, like the one Steve Krueger saw pawing the deer on his truck. So in this area we have two sightings of quadrupeds (Selcherk 2004 and the Nov. 12 2006 West Bend sighting) and two sightings of bipeds (this one, 1996, and Steve Krueger's, 2006). If these are all the same species of creature -- and we can only speculate that this is so -- that means we have something that moves from bipedal to quadrupedal with ease, much as other witnesses have reported the Manwolf is able to do.

I have begged the writer for more details and will post them here as soon as they are received.

The Washington County creature count continues to climb!


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