Creature Sightings Log

These are reports that have come to me since the deadline for Hunting the American Werewolf. I will continue to post sightings here so that the sightings log can continue to be updated. The drawing, below, is my composite sketch of what most witnesses say the creature looks like, although many add that it is slightly hunched in posture and some say the muzzle is longer. Bear in mind that the creature has been witnessed walking, running and leaping both on four legs and two, sometimes seen doing both in the same sighting. If you have seen this critter, please write! Include all the details you can, including the date as accurately as you can remember, weather conditions, what you were doing at the time, how close you were, lighting conditions, total appearance of creature including color, what the creature(s) did, what you did, any thoughts that crossed your mind at the time, type of terrain and location. Your name may be held on request.


The above is a witness sketch made by Gilles Arondeau of a creature he saw in southern France...probably slightly modified for Hollywood purposes. This may not be posted elsewhere without written permission. It appears to be a good match for some Michigan Dogman descriptions...notice the legs are a hybrid of human and canid.



In Hunting the American Werewolf, there's a lengthy report of a creature sighting on Hwy. 59 in Rock County, WI near Lima Marsh Wildlife Area. It was made by a 22-year old female college student on March 9, 2005. Because she didn't get a clear look at the head, I couldn't definite it as other than an upright furry biped. But a married couple who own a popular area restaurant, The Richmond House in rural Delavan, have come forward to say that they also saw an upright furry biped cross a road in the vicinity of the Lima Marsh. Their sighting was at the end of April or beginning of May, 2005, just five or six weeks after the college student's. And at the time, they knew nothing of her sighting.

The pair, aged 43 and 39 at the time, had kept fairly quiet about what they had seen, telling only their three children and a few acquaintances. But the husband, Lenny Faytus, recognized my husband's name when he stopped in to pick up our Friday night fish fry carryouts the week before last, and asked if I would call him to talk about a sighting. I did, of course, and was excited about it because it does help corroborate the first sighting to have another so similar and so close in time and location.

Lenny and his wife, Stacie, both life-long area residents, had not yet purchased the restaurant at that time. They were on their way to a pet-sitting job on McCord Road, to the east of Lima Marsh, in later afternoon. It was still light out, with about an hour left before sunet, he estimated. It was a clear, pleasant day and visibility was still good as they headed north on McCord. They noticed a farmer out in his field, and both remarked that they thought he had an unusual number of lights on, especially since it was still light. "My wife and I both said he must be scared of something," said Lenny. "He must have had at least 15 lights on, pointed in 360 degrees around the tractor."

It was only a few minutes later that Lenny noticed something moving out onto the 20-foot wide road from the east, or right sight of the road, about 1/4 mile away. At that distance, he at first thought it was a deer. It was emerging from a densely wooded area backed by a swamp. On the other side of the road lay a cultivated field, fronted by a shallow ditch that dropped off into a patch of weeds and bramble that lay about four feet lower than the roadway.

As the creature stepped onto the road and Lenny continued to drive toward it, he realized it was no deer. "What is that?" asked Stacie in alarm. Lenny had realized this was no deer. "I thought then it must be a person," he said, "but it was a medium brown color, like a deer in fall. It was upright, but I still didn't think anything of it until it went across the road and then I knew it wasn't normal. It went in quick, easy strides but I couldn't see any arms. I was probably only 1/8 mile away by then. He was behind a stop ahead sign. When I got to the spot I slowed down and rolled the window down but I couldn't see him anymore. When I looked at the field and didn't see him, and I was looking all over, the hair stood up on the back of my neck because I realized he was hiding. He knew I was looking for him. I looked the field over pretty good, I'm a hunter too, and he just wasn't there to be seen. Stacie wanted me to keep going."

Place on McCord Road where creature crossed

Stacie's hair had risen on her arms and neck too, she said. Both of them said they felt they were receiving some kind of message, a definite warning that they should not be there. "I had the impression to 'get out,'" said Lenny.

He estimated the creature to stand at about 7 feet, judging by its relation to the sign, and to weigh about 350 pounds. "It was definitely bigger than a human. It didn't look like it was jumping or stretching but it crossed the road in just two steps. With each step it covered a lot of ground. (We later tried to simulate it with a six-foot tall man, and the best he was able to do to cross the 20-foot road without jumping was four steps.)

Lenny Faytus pointing to spot on east side of road where creature emerged

Lenny said the creature was "muscular, stocky for its size, not like a gorilla, not a lot of girth. The head was humanlike in shape, there was no muzzle. It hesitated when it came out on the road." Stacie also noted that the neck wasn't visible, that the hair came straight down on its shoulders. No ears or other facial features were visible from that distance, either.

Since the incident, the Faytus' call McCord "Spooky Holler Road." Stacie says she kept a camera in the car for 4-5 months afterward, in case they saw it again, but they never have although they often drive down that road. Since the sighting, a new house has been erected to the left of the field where the creature "disappeared." Lenny thinks the creature may have dropped down into the lower elevation behind the ditch. On the day we visited the site, that area was overgrown with ground cover, including a viney area that looked like it had a hole frequented by smaller animals.

(Field on west side of McCord Rd. at point of crossing. Darker area of vegetation behind green weeds in front is where the ground line drops down, and possibly where creature was lying to get out of the couple's view. They don't think it could have reached the treeline in the few seconds it took them to drive up to the sighting point.)

Also, I'm now inclined to think that the college student may also have seen a Bigfoot, although the creature she saw was smaller and had "glowing yellow eyes." But she described the same easy, long strides.

The Lima Marsh Wildlife Area is a public preserve but very dense and boggy. Entrance is off Hwy. KK, just north of Hwy. 59 between Milton and Whitewater. The fields and woods on McCord Road are privately owned.



(This person has been contacted for more information.)

on may 6 2006 i was driving back to my girlfriends house, who lives around lansing, MI, i was coming back from the store and she lives out in the country completely isolated so the only way to get there is to go down dirt roads that are surrounded by fields. Anyways so i was driving and i saw something moving on this little hill that was right on the side of the road so i stopped because if it was a deer i didnt want to hit it and than all of a sudden a human like hand (except much larger than a normal mans hand) reached over the edge of the hill and this huge silouette came into view. It was much larger than a normal man and it had a wolf like face and its eyes reflected in my headlights, it just sat there and looked across the field on the other side of the road and than it just very calmly turned its head and looked right at me, i froze out of fear and we sat locked in each others stares for about 20 seconds and than it started to move down the hill so i hit the gas and flew past it and when i got to the stop sign i stopped and looked in the rearview mirror and it was sitting in the middle of the road just looking at my car and i took off again and as i was going i looked back again and it moved very calmly into the other field, ive never been so scared in my life. After i got to my girlfriends house, me, her and her mom went back to the spot and the creature was gone. This happend in between Lansing and the small town of Eaton Rapids. - Ron

An April 2006 Rhode Island Sighting Posted 7-31-06

,,,,,,CHEPACHET RI ,,,,RHODE ISLAND,,,,,,I own a farm here,,,,,on ri /conn line,,,,,,,,,1000s of acres of abbutting land in conn, up state new york,,,,chepachet is still like the 1800s,,,,,honest,,,,for a week straight a howling every nite, 11pm, to 2 pm,,,,I have black bears, but never heard this sound,,,,,last sat nite the sound was close, so I went to look,,,,this small creature was banging the doors on my shed,,I have pet rabbits, they were going crazy in their cages,,,,,,I put the lights on,,,,got my gun,,,,this creature looks like your picture,,,,he was 4 feet tall,,,,all hairy,,,,man he smell ed ,awfull,,,,,,but he wasnt mean,,,,I didnt know whether to give him something to eat,,,he had red eyes,,me made a grunting sound,,like a pig,,,,then he ran off,,,,,,,Ron,,,,,,,,maybe I can snap a pict of him,,hes out there evey nite,,,,,in my pastures,,,,,,,,

July 21, 06: See Wereblog for letter from Canadian man attacked by Manwolf and photo of his scar


A person observed a nearly seven foot tall, upright canid standing near the road. When it turned and saw the car approaching, it quickly dropped to the ground and pulled itself into a 2-foot high cornfield, using its "long, lanky arms." Once safely in the field, it ran away on all fours "at lightning speed," leaving the witness shaken. Two other persons had observed the creature near there six months earlier.


This Michigan creature sighting was made June 7, 2006 by four young Michigan people. The medical student who wrote me about it says that one of his buddies had seen the beast previously and brought the other three out to the sightings vicinity and I have now interviewed all but one and found them and their stories very credible.. The young man who e-mailed me (name withheld for now) said that he came home so freaked out that he googled Dog Man, since that was what his buddy had called it, and came up with my Weird Michigan site.

He also asked that I keep the exact location confidential since it was on private land and the four were not exactly invited to be there, but I can say it was in the vicinity of Reed City, which is in the northwestern part of the lower Peninsula, exactly where most of the other Dog Man sightings have taken place. I've left the report in his own words as much as possible, taken from his email and a subsequent phone interview. Since this report was made, three of them witnessed a second Manwolf, larger and gray in color. I have visited the site and found five-inch, canid-foot-shaped print impressions in the leaf mold around the building, and also experienced seeing yellow eyes in the brush and also something tall, vertical and gray crossing the road at a distance. See my wereblog for more on this.

Sighting 6-7-06, Interview 6-8-06 by phone, Location: near Reed City, Michigan

"Iım a college kid and I live in Big Rapids, and I heard people saying there is this (building) around Reed City where this thing hangs out.

We arrived there at 2 30 in the morning and there we sat. After about half an hour something caught our eye. About 50 yards to the right of us we saw something moving. We didnt think anything of it until we heard big twigs start to snap. I got out my maglight and shined in the area...I saw somthing that was not human. There were crickets all around and all of a sudden they all stopped. I kept on seeing something move over in the woods, kind of a silhouette.. I thought it was deer until we shined the light on it. Must have been 6 foot nine, it was huge tall! It was a humanoid, I could see below the midsection, could see thighs but not feet. Iım believing itıs bipedal. The hair was either dark brown or black, probably dark brown. must have covered most of the body, maybe an inch long. We did see one arm, one of my friends saw it. It was behind a tree, in a little wooded area, and it stood half behind the tree and half exposed, didnıt move at all when we had the light on it. His arm was longer than a human's. When we saw it in the light when it was standing still it looked a little hunched.

I only got a small view of its face. I could tell that it was very hairy but it didnt remind me of a dogs face. The way the eyes set made me think of a human face, I could not see the ears, I remeber the mouth to be narrow but I dont recall seeing a nose on the end of the "snout". All I could really tell about the eye color was yellow, and the eyes were a little slanted. I think it may have been some light reflection off its eyes. It has a very big forehead. When I saw the picture on your website of the sketched dogman, It didnt really look like that.

This freaked us out so bad that we had to leave in the car. We left and then said we have to figure out what this thing is ...stupid college kid idealism. After abput half a mile we decided we had to go back and see what it really was. We pulled back up to the church and sat for about 5 min. before strange things started to happen. First of all we head noises all around us, I cant explain these noises but they put shivers down my spine. Then as soon as the noises stopped, a motion light on the building turned on and we heard somthing run away very...very fast. I was so scared I couldnt even move. (We are in in the car this whole time mind you). All of the sudden my friend spots somthing behind us. I push my clutch in and slowly roll back to get a closer view. My friend shined the light on him and two yellow eyes stared at us. I thought it was a regular road reflector until I saw it blink. Then a feeling came over me, I felt that this thing wanted to harm us. I could tell that this thing was on two legs at the time we saw the eyes. I fired up the car and floored it, we must have of been going 40 mph and I could see in my brakelights that something was chasing us on 4 legs. Eventually I lost the thing and had to pull over down the road to calm myself and my friends down. I dont know if this is a dogman or not but this thing is NOT human, is NOT natural, and is NOT friendly. I dont think that this is a figure of my imagination for two reasons. 1, I didn't belive in the supernatural and 2, three other people saw the exact same thing as I did. I really belive this thing could be a dogman.

We were sitting in the car after we saw it comparing it to our own bodies. We didnıt really see the face until we came backŠwe were in the car the whole time, we could all see from the car. There was a motion light on the side of the (building), which was abandoned but someone was trying to remodel it. Motion light came on and that freaked us all out quite a bit and we listened and we heard something moving very very fast behind the church but we couldnıt see it clearly, it moved ungodly fast. I looked in my rearview mirror and I thought I saw something go by a lighted tree, then we lost it for a little bit. After we were shining the light on it, I was holding the mag light and I was shaking so bad dI actually dropped it

My buddy who was sitting in back of my hatchback car said whatıs that, and in tall weeds on the side of the road were two yellow eyes, kind of slanted in a way. It didnıt have a long snout like a dog, but the snout was narrow. It wasnıt human and wasnıt dog. It wasnıt flatfaced like human, all I saw was hair underneath what I presumed to be a jaw. Like a cape or mane. From what I saw, it was kind of slender in stature, not beefy, I would guess 210-220 pounds. The head reminded me of a canine shape, the kind of triangle-looking head. It was looking completely straight on at us. It could have had ears but was too dark to see them. So whether they sat farther back or not Iım not sure. Iıve seen pictures of Bigfoot but I donıt think this was Bigfoot.

That night I got home and I was so intrigued and freaked out I sat down and Googled "Dogman" and got your website. I had the distinct feeling that this thing wanted to hurt us. Maybe it might be the fear of the unknown.Might have been the fact that it was slightly hunched. . I was a skeptic before last night. Four guys saw the exact same thing. Another rthing the second time when we left the eyes were behind the car, the guy looking back thought he saw something come and go from two to four legs.

This is not the first time a friend of mine has seen it. Heıs been there two times, he showed us where it was. He was very very quiet. It was not a human in a suit or a bear. Iıll put a Bible on what I just said. Two reasons it wasnıt a human. It could maneuver well on four legs, and just moved so fast. (The building) didnıt have graffiti on its exterior. Never saw the back of the building so didnıt notice if any was there.

I believe there is a swamp somewhere around there. I heard there was more than one of these things. Some person said there were four or five of them. One of my friends that went with us said him and a couple of buddies were driving by in a Firebird very slowly and they saw the eyes and it chased after them and put scratches in the trunk of his car. But I didnıt see that. This is really, really goofy. Iıd like to go back with a video camera. I am majoring in radiology, so I know enough about the body systems and anatomy to tell about the features. I didnıt notice any reproductive organs, there was a lot of hair in that area. This thing didnıt get any closer than 40 feet, but when I fired the car up the guy in back said it went down on all fours and went really fast. I didnıt see the eyes until we flashed the light on it. I donıt think this was paranormal, it was biological. Not ghostly.

I was not aware that others things like this were going on at the time I saw this thing. The only reason I refer it to a dogman is the fact that I have heard through local legend that it was a dogman. So, I really had no idea that there were other sightings of dogmen or the body style it had." - John

MAY 27 2006


Eating my words as dutifully noted in my blog, I must counter both my oft-repeated admonition that the Manwolf has not been reported seen on Bray Road for ten years or so, and the idea that no one who has ever gone out intentionally looking for the creature has succeeded in finding it. A 47-year old registered nurse from Greendale, her 16-year old daughter and 16-year old friend (they were 45, 14 and 14 at athe time of the sighting) have told me that they saw what was definitely the Manwolf while driving down Bray Road about 8:30 p.m. October 30, 2004, for the express purpose of trying to scare the daughter's friend, Kevin. The woman and her daughter do not wish to be identified, but I have interviewed them at length in person and found them to be very credible witnesses. The woman is trained in anatomy, physiology, and kinesiology, and they estimate the creature was no farther than 9 feet away from them and illuminated in the headlights of their car. "We had been looking for it for years," said the woman as we sat at her kitchen table drinking iced tea.

"(My daughter's) friend Kevin had never been to Bray Road so she wanted to scare him," the woman told me. "We arrived about 8:30, drove up and down the road a few times, drove around Bowers Road...the whole thing was a lark. We went back onto Bray Road, driving slowly and under the speed limit, when something popped out of the corn about two miles down the road, heading toward Elkhorn.

"It stepped right out of the corn and it looked aggressive. We all screamed very loud, I put my foot on the gas, and we went away as fast as we could and did not go back. I was a wreck, I was shaking. What I saw doesn't make sense. A quadruped has its legs "backward' for speed and agility. But this creature had large powerful thigh muscles and its knee was backward (note from Linda: witnesses often say knee was backward, not realizing the canid's "heel" is at approximately the same height as our knee). It was covered in fur, with heavier fur on its back. It was dark in color but tipped silvery gray. It was in the oncoming lane of traffic so we were less than nine feet away, max. It was not a personin a suit, it was way too tall (about seven feet) way too brawny, and its eyes were glittery and dark, they had no sclera or whites like a human eye in a mask would have. It's head was big, almost too big for its body. It had an elongated snout, but pointy, not rounded like a Lab's.

"It stood there, and then it hunched over into an aggressive stance. It's arms were bent at the elbow and forward. I couldn't see the hands. Its ears were pointed, shaped like a German shepherd's, but laid back. Compared to your drawing of the indigenous dogman (see pic at right) the musculature on the legs was even heavier. It was looking right at me. I felt it was aggressive and would defend itself viciously.

"This wasn't a dog. Or a wolf. It had canine features but it was something else....something "other." It was canid. There was this feeling we were not safe. And we didn't get a picture although we had cameras all over that, digital, disposable, we were prepared. But when we saw it, we all just screamed in unison and then I floored it."

The woman said she was not drinking any alcohol and does not do drugs. She has had a few incidents in her life she considers "somewhat" paranormal, but has never seen anything definite like this. All three witnesses saw the creature at the same time and agreed on its appearance. I will be interviewing Kevin by phone. Below are scans of her own drawings.


posted 5-28-06


I saw something that still has me wondering what it was. It was in the mid 90's, just west of Chilton, Wisconsin....about 2 1/2 miles. I worked the mid shift at a nearby factory. Generally, after my shift I would drive around the countryside to unwind, before going home. On this particular morning, I was going to stop at a friends house, as he also worked a second shift at another factory. As I drove along the road to my friends house, I saw a deer on the road, and stopped in time to not hit it. It was froze in my headlights, so I gave a light sounding on the horn of my truck. This startled the animal, and it ran off. I proceeded along the road, when I noticed two red spots, looked like eyes, as they were an almond shape. I could'nt make out a body, but it was in the ditch, and looked to be 7' or more tall.

I kept driving, when suddenly there were two more deer in the road, directly in front of me. I braked, and they just stood there, looking at my headlights. One was facing west, and the other was facing east. I broke and the truck I was driving stopped just in time as to have the front bumper gentley tap the deer, knocking it into the second deer, and both to the road. They both just layed there. I had to get out of my truck, and startle them into getting up, at which time they ran off into a field.

As I was returning to my truck, I looked back to where I saw the red eyes, and did'nt see them, but I heard something running on the road toward me. I did'nt wait around to let it catch up to me, I got in the truck, locked the doors, and began driving away. As I started to move, I heard a clunk on the back of my truck. I don't know to this day what the clunk was. I was carrying nothing in the box of the pick up truck that would have rolled back as I drove off. I went to my friends house, and he had already gone to the hunt was off for that night. The next day, I told a fellow about the incident, and described the location of the incident. He informed me that there was a pet cemetary in that area, and there was something like what I described living in that area that guards the pet cemetery. Is this sort of thing real?. I also spoke to the county police about it, but I think they might have believed I was loopy, or something. I never got a report back on what it was. You can email back if you think this information is worth anything. Mark

MOST RECENT SIGHTING APRIL 25, 2006, East of Powers Lake in Kenosha County, Wisconsin

Currently under investigation, I am interviewing a high-security clearance employee of Mitchell Airport in Milwaukee who sighted the Manwolf three times now, twice in mid-February and then again April 25 while making his drive to work in the wee hours of the morning. The creature was spotted at approximately 3 a.m. and on the same 3-6 mile stretch of road each time. It was first observed crouching in the ditch, then rising easily to stand on two legs with its arms at its sides "much like a human's." According to the witness, who has observed it at close range and in several positions, it very closely resembles my sketch at right except the tail is longer and fuller, "about 18 inches," he estimates. He has seen the creature cross the road on all fours, as well, and estimated it was at least five feet long from nose to rump, and its back stood almost three feet off the ground. It appeared unafraid of him, and stared at him with yellow, glowing eyes. When it stood, it appeared slightly hunched over, as many other witnesses have said. I was contacted by a relative of his, who said the man has been a steadfast nonbeliever in the supernatural, and the relative coaxed him into talking to me. I am planning to stake out the exact road location in the very near future. In the meantime, the man is now carrying a camera on his way to work. Stay tuned!

Post script: Exactly one week after the April 25 sighting, a friend with a night-equipped videocamera and I cruised the exact sighting locale from between 2 am and 4 am but were unsuccessful at sighting anything but three deer, a fox and several cats. We'll be trying again. - LG

May 13, 2006

AREA RESIDENT with strange experience in E. Walworth Cty/ W. Kenosha Cty. sightings area

I have been through the area many times at night, I work for the railroad. There is a sideing near there we call "Midway" at Honey Creek road, I never saw anything there but got weird feelings sitting there waiting for a passing train. Very strong, weird feelings like being watched and pure evil. One day, during daylight, leaving there southbound we were coming into Burlington, and I saw crossing the tracks what I thought was a bear, it was big, to big to be a dog, moving slowly like I would picture a bear to move, all black ,and on all fours, unconcerned about an oncoming train. As it went down the embankment it disappeared into the marsh and I lost sight of it. The "bear" sighting could possibly be explained somehow, but the weird feelings, at Midway, were very strong. I did not want to leave the engine! I have never experienced feelings llike that before. There was no reason for them, I just knew I did not want to get out of the locomotive there. I have spent plenty of time in the northern woods of Wisconsin, never felt afraid, but something there sure has me spooked!

Posted May 6, 2006:

Animal "Looked Inside" Him


Posted May 6, 2006:

Kettle Moraine, Washington County WI 1970

Dear Linda: I very much enjoyed listening to you speak on the Ian Punnitt show April 29th. Let me start off by telling you how grateful I am that you are compiling this information on the werewolves of Southeastern Wisconsin. Hearing about your book jarred my memory about an experience that I had more than thirty years ago as a teen living in that area. You no doubt have been receiving much mail but if you do have the time, I hope you can consider my story.

We were a group of around five or six friends and family (all older teens) who were camping over night at a private campground on a small lake in the Kettle Moraine State Forest region of Washington County, Wisconsin. The year was approximately 1970, in midsummer. The nearest town was Kewaskum. It was very rural farmland mixed with deciduous and pine forests. We chose to relocate our campsite a little bit further from the main campground in a secluded, natural, practically circular, clearing. We liked this spot because of the unusual shape and the fact that it contained a sort of carved-out depression in the center. Here we wished to build a fire and hang out.

The sun began to set. As we built our fire, roasting hotdogs and singing, someone happened to remark upon the primordial setting and how we resembled a group of ancient peoples who may have done just what we were doing thousands of years ago. Time passed and the hour was 10 p.m. or so and we began to exchange spooky stories. The sky was very clear and there was an abundance of shooting stars. Also, the moon was so bright we could actually see quite a bit although we were far from any city lights. Everything grew very quiet. There were crickets, of course, but no other folks were around - only us. Suddenly from off in the woods we heard the sound of something coming toward us, breathing heavily. This area had long ago become devoid of any large wild animals. Pieces of wood were crackling and breaking as it walked. We could hear large, trudging footsteps in the underbrush and a loud, snarling, huffing, puffing breathing sound. It did not sound like an animal, but more human.

Soon we also heard twigs snapping and the creature, whatever it was, getting closer and closer to the edge of the woods and near our clearing. It let out several bloodcurdling growls and was so close we were terrified. That was all it took for us to be so shaken that we gathered up all of our gear and ran out of there as fast as we could so the creature could not get us. It really was trying to chase us out of its spot, I believe. None of us slept the entire night. I have been in camping situations where young men try to scare you but they are usually in groups or drunk and end up showing themselves and causing trouble. This was one creature against several of us and it showed no fear.

I am sorry to say that we did not get a glimpse. At that time everyone knew about Bigfoot so we assumed that is what we had encountered. We talked about it but never found out what was out there until I heard of your research. Could this possibly have been the man-dog? Could we have accidentally conjured something up due to our youth or presence in that particular place? I am a 53 year old school teacher living in Los Angeles, California. Thank you for taking the time to read this. - Sarah

Posted May 6, 2006:

Michigan Man's Sighting, Flint, 1973, and California Bedroom Experience

Iıve seen this this once, maybe twice in my lifetime and a dear friend of mine also encountered it too. Let me start with when I was a teenager- I was staying with my Uncle Jay and Aunt Shell in the summer of 1973. I was between my sophomore and junior year in high school. My Uncle drove a local grocery delivery truck, Pampaniaıs I think, in the Flint Michigan area. I loved hanging out with him, driving around delivering produce, fruit, stuff like that. Every night we took the truck back to this fenced in truck park, and we drove home in his car. Well, late on a Thursday night (about 11:30), we were headed up the winding road that snaked around the hill up to the truck park, and we both saw what we thought was a big dog on the side of the road, pawing at something. As we got closer, I saw the thing was rooting and licking something with tongue and snout. Then the SOB stood up. This was no dog!

My Uncle slowed to a crawl (not quite stopping) and hit the high beams, and what I saw scared me so bad that I couldnıt even get a scream out! It was a MAN, covered in short, black fur, clearly well muscled with the head of a German Sheppard or wolf. I could hardly breathe. Itıs eyes were yellowey-orange colored, a well muscled abdomen and thighs and was clearly (if you get my drift) a tugid MALE. We didnıt make a sound but started to roll by, when it lunged across the access road in a single leap.

We got to the top of the hill, and my Uncle went into the guard hut in the middle of the fenced in area to turn in his keys and do whatever. He came back with the keys to the Ford and we drove back down the hill. As we neared the sight where we saw the dog-man, he pulled it over, and reached under the seat and got out a Colt Python .44 magnum handgun, checked the ammo in the revolver and told me to lock the door after him. I was not to do anything, including get out of the car, no matter what I was or heard, he said, and he was dead serious. After a few minutes, he called me to him, and he pointed to the side of the road.

There was a fresh ( I know, I used to hunt and fish a lot) deer carcass, with the haunches torn away, and the poor things guts spilled out behind it. We just went home that night but were very careful the rest of the summer, never seeing the dog-man again.

My other encounter is quite a bit murkier, so Iıll go on and tell you about what Casey saw. I was in the Marines and my duty station was the USS Tarawa(LHA-1) where I was the Combat Cargo officer. We were in t he yards, and the ship was in dry-dock at the time. Some of my buddies (navy officer types) were detailed to the USS Mobile to finish out their Engineering (engine room) qualifications, and one of them was a close friend, Ensign Matt Stephenson. His wife, Casey, was pregnant and a diabetic, so her health was not the best. She wasnıt dying or anything, just had, you know, the problems a young otherwise healthy person with this disease would would have. Anyway, Matt asked me and a couple of other officers to phone in and check in on Casey from time to time.

We all loved her to death, like a little sister, so it was no problem at all. I was sharing a rented house in Long Beach with 2 other guys, and was dead asleep on a Saturday night when I got a frantic, panic, off the chain phone call from Casey, around 2 am. She was crying so hard she couldn't talk, repeating over and over for me to ³get here for Gods sake². Well, I pulled on my sweat suit, and jumped in the car and speed off. When I got the apartment, at first she wouldnıt answer the door, then wouldnıt let me in. finally, I threatened to call the police and she let me in. What she told me chilled my...well you know. She had been asleep, and woke up feeling that she was being watched. She said she was very thirsty, and groggy. She shook her head to wake up and saw 2 orange-red eyes, about 6 foot up in t he air, at the foot of her bed.

Casey said she was frozen in fear, and that she didnıt remember any noise like something coming into the apartment. She kept a baseball bat next to the bed, leaning against the nightstand. Matt had put in a touch lamp on the stand before he left, so all you had to do to turn the thing on or off was touch the base. She did, and grabbed the bat. At the foot of the bed ( at least this is how she described it, I swear to God) was tall MAN covered in short, black fur with a dogs or wolfs head. Like the Egyptian god Annubis! She said it was built like brick sh**house, very muscular, and, Iım lying here, in ³state of obvious physical sexual agitation². Casey is a Nurse, and thatıs how she put it. She cocked the bat back to defend herself, and the thing, in ONE LEAP, jumped out the bedroom window, smashing the screen outward, along with the curtains. I saw the window my self. Casey is very short and was VERY pregnant, and could not have done this herself. The rest of us guys took turns sleeping on the couch over there till Matt came home, about six weeks later. I donıt if she told him, he never said anything. I believe what Casey told me: I think what she saw was really in that bedroom that night. Well thatıs it. Mail me if you want details, but thatıs basically it.

The thing about the incident with Casey is that the next morning I went out to the yard below the apartment and found the screen. It was smashed to bits, but I didnıt touch it. We called the San Diego PD and they came over and thought we were nuts, until one of the officers examined the screen. He found some animal (!!!) fur and blood and called the, what we would call CSI people, and they came. They took the screen, dusted the bedroom and asked Casey some more questions. Never heard from them again. I have other friends and relatives in Michigan who have seen this thing, and itıs really got me puzzled. I am an electrical engineer with an MBA, and I believe that if you canıt measure anything physical about a phenomena, it doesnıt exist. I donıt believe in UFOıs ghosts, telepathy, and junk like that. But because of my class work in quantum physics, I think something is going on with what we call paranormal, but it is perfectly explainable as a quantum interaction phenomena. If nothing else you can cop to the Heisenberg uncertainty principle and say you just donıt know what you know! But this thing, Jesus! What is it, Linda? It canıt be a hallucination, I know too many who have seen EXACTLY THE SAME CRITTER! I will follow your work with interest- Russell

Posted May 6, 2006

Snake-headed Dog, Northern CA circa 1996

I want to tell you about an incidence that happened in Northern California about ten years ago. I did not see this. I interviewed the woman and her son about the sighting and an eye witness that did not know her or her son. This happen about the same time that there were a lot of Chuppacabra sightings elsewhere.  This middle age woman, with her sixteen year old son, was driving in a new to them, used car. It was a convertible. They live in the foothills of the High Sierras at about 2500 feet elevation, they were going to the store.   She and her son were driving from their home down the only mountain road towards town. The road drops off on the left in to a canyon that dropped down from the road 1800 feet. On the right is a trail and then tapers off to a canyon to the west. She suddenly saw what she called "the dog from hell." She described it as the ugliest and weird looking dog she ever saw. It was black and the dogs neck was two feet long between its head and shoulders. I named it the "Snake Dog." I reported this to Art Bell. At the time, I did not have any photographs, so it did not go any further. She said as fast as it appeared, it had gone to the right of her car and disappeared. The car way going about 35 mile per hour.   She swerved her car to the left to avoid hitting it. The car swung around and now was going backwards toward the side of the road. As it shot off the road and out over the canyon the car flipped over upside down. They had their seat belts on. The car flew out about one hundred feet. It landed upside down about 90 feet down the sloping canyon wall.   She said that when they hit the ground, they heard the sound of breaking glass. When all the movement had stopped, they were both alive, still upside down and the engine was still running. She reached for the ignition key and turn off the engine. The only injury was, her son Sean, had a scratch on the back of his left hand. They both crawled out from under the car, after releasing their seat belt. By that time help was arriving. You could not see the crashed car, from the road, going either direction.   It turned out that the car behind them had witnessed this whole event. The driver happened to have a cellphone and called for help. I talked with that driver and confirmed the whole story. The driver had seen the "Snake Dog" also. By now it was gone and has not been seen again.   To my knowledge there are no known dogs in existence with 24" long necks.   This is a strange event. It was real. It happened fast. It was over just as fast as it began. This is another collaborated story for your collection.   Have you ever heard of any creature that looked like this alleged snake dog?


Possible Dogman Sighting posted 4/28/06 :

My friends and I about 20 years ago had a very strange encounter when walking late at night down a rural road not far out of town. It's farm country and there was a corn field to the west of us and also to the east of the road. There was something in the corn making panting noises like a large dog that is very hot. It crossed the road behind us and seemed to marking pace with us as we went north. It was late, around 2 am, and it frightened us to say the least because it was so dark we couldn't see far in front or our own faces and just the dark outlines of the corn fields and close road shrubs. There was a moon but there was very few peeks of light because of the cloudy early summer night and I remember it was very warm out, can not recall if there was a full moon. We could hear it moving through the field. One of the guys had enough and chucked a fist-sized rock chest high straight at where he thought the sound was coming from and made a direct hit with something very solid that yelped and then howled like a injured dog. Then it growled, LOUDLY, a bit further off. We took off running because the house we were heading to was close now. Before that, we did see some yellow eyes at one point that we thought were in a low tree when the moon had peeked out and though I did not see it myself, one of the guys thought that it was standing upright under the tree and not in it, about the height of a tall man. And there was a roadkill kind of smell in the air. That was one long walk, about a mile and a half and when I see the people who were with me, less now that we're older and have moved on with our separate lives, we still nervously mention it to each other. . And yes, we had a few drinks, that's why we were walking in the first place, but I know I was not at all drunk because I hate alcohol, I just couldn't drive a stick-shift, the only car my boyfriend had at the time, so we had to hoof it. It appeared to be a canine, but I never got a look at it, my supposition is from the sounds it made.

The writer asked that the exact location not be posted, but it occurred in southwestern Michigan, not near the usual northwestern sites.


Speedy Quadruped, March 2004, between Lake Geneva and Kenosha WI, Received February 2006

Ok here's our event. It was on a Friday sometime March of 2004, whenever spring break was for the University. Myself, a friend Adam, and another friend Ryan were going to Las Vegas for the week. Since we were going with another friend from Chicago, we decided to fly out of O'Hare. Our flight was at like 5am so we decided to head down the night before. We left Whitewater early that evening took 12 to Lake Geneva and then got on Highway 50 to Kenosha, then I-94 to Chicago. Anyways, I was driving my car 97' Cavalier along Highway 50. Just as I was approaching the top of a little hill on the road (not sure exactly where), something flashed in front of my car. I hit the breaks quick, but it was too late. I thought I should have hit whatever it was, but there was nothing. No thud, no clunk, Nothing. Beside the fact that I should have hit it, my friend Adam and I, knew whatever it was, we had never seen anything like that before. The other friend Ryan was on his cell phone and didn't see, but yelled at us because he thought we were playing a joke.

The reason this thing was out of the ordinary was its features. For one, it was taller than a large dog. We thought at first it could have been a dog, but the size was tremendous. Another was its coat. It had this long grey, thick coat that just flashed as it crossed my headlights. And finally, I don't know how it moved so fast to get past the front of the car. My goodness, it was there, then gone again. The whole rest of the way we tried to explain to our friend what we saw, > but he wasn't buying it. Even when we got to Chicago and told our other friends, they thought we were nuts. I know I saw something, just not sure > what. After our trip from Vegas, we tried to find any information loose > animals or other sitings but nothing. Obviously, we didn't look mysterious things, but had we , we might not have gotten this story too you so past > due. > Then, as I said before, I got a fax from Adam and asked what I thought, > and figured we'd send you our story. Well, your about the only person that could possibly believe us. So thanks again for all your research and work. - Sincerely, Jeff

Unknown Biped...Michigan Dogman?...near Manistee, Michigan, 1986, Received February 2006

This happened in the fall of 1986, when I was stationed in Manistee. I left the Manistee Army recruiting station late and was driving home, to Ludington. I always took the back road, as US 31 takes too long. It was early fall and was dark. The deer was out, so I had to be careful while I was driving. This was farm country and the deer graze in the fields. I saw a reflection of my headlights off to the left of me in a darkened field. They appeared to be eyes. But, they stood too high to be deer and too far apart, also. I saw it run across and the leap was incredible. It leaped only three times. Far greater a leap then any animal could. And leaped across the two lane road easily. It was too dark to see a shape, but from the position from the eyes, there is no animal that it could be. I know that this was not a deer. And from what I could tell, it was a lot taller then me. I am 6ı2². I do not know if anybody has or had any experience like this.

As for the color of its eyes,  somehow, the color yellow comes to mind.  Remember that it was almost 20 years ago when I saw that.  I am an outdoorsman (although in recent years, I have not been out) and know animals.  So, when I saw that, it surprised me of the leaping ability.  And the eyes, I do remember that they were not like any animals that I have seen before.  And the height of the creature was a lot higher then any animal.  I do remember that I saw both eyes, as if it was looking at me, the whole time.  That, along with the leaping ability, is what I will never forget.- Ray Greenway

West Virginia Canid? Received December 2005

To who it may concern, I live in a small town in northern West Virginia, right between Ohio and Pennsylavania. Since I was a kid, we've heard rumors that an unknown beast has lived in some wooded areas near my home; It has the same discription of similar sightings and what not, except we don't think its a bigfoot. Those who have seen the illeged beast said it ran like a dog, and seems to be carnivorous... There were several dogs missing and some of them came up half eaten in the woods. I don;t know what many scientists opinions are, but I don;t know of any animal that would eat a dog, most animals fear them. Anyways, I would appreciate if you send me what you know.. I might want to investigate this myself. Sincerely, Sylvia

Biped Manwolf in SE Wisconsin March 12 2006

I dont recall if you remember my saying so but awhile back, I took a new stance on the whole werewolf-type-creature after nearly flattening one with my 2 door car. Well, today, again, on the same road, I AGAIN encountered it under similar conditions in about the same location (within 50 feet). Yes, on two feet. It was certianly bi-pedal at the time...and again, it took place not more than 50-100 feet from where I encountered it awhile back.Here's what I believed I seen this morning...3am. It was slightly foggy, and I was traveling a road I travel twice daily, and know it well. I suddenly sensed an animal-like presence, and instinctively braked in case of a deer (I'm what people refer to as a sensitive, empath, psychic, what-not). I suddenly felt two eyes on me and looked to my left, and I saw not more than 15 feet away a large, pale-brown (hairy/furry??) creature standing there, maybe 5 to 6 feet in size. It was tall and lankey, but yet oddly muscular in size, almost a rounded look to it, too, like it was streamlined for wind resistance.

I barely noticed the to ears as my gaze was caught in its eyes...the eyes I remember very well. Large, and alert. A semi-resmeblant face of a human, but largly distorted in some way. It stood, and stared, shoulders slightly hunched forward, arms in front of itself (though it looked to be able to throw the shoulders back, like they were a movable joint??) In anycase I was too startled to stop, and on my way home, a local farmers pet had been mauled to deat by what police told me looked like either another large dog or wolf or bear. they had the area taped off and wouldn't talk much about it to me. I plan to run an investigation intothe potential of this being a real, tangible creature, in the next month sometime. - Mike (Note: I'm still waiting to hear back about the exact location of this sighting but it was in SE Wisconsin - Linda)

Another Michigan Dog Man, St. Joseph County, March 21, 2006

Hello, I just was wondering if there was more resent sightings of Dog Man? Also this looks like what my friend and I saw around our area. I live in a farming community and one night my girlfriend was outside on a warm summer night, we heard this heavy footing coming through the corn field. When this Dog like thing leaped up on a shed and looked at us with this growl. I have never seen anything like this before. This sighting that you've seen is a Werewolf? They have keen senses also leap and they walked on there hind legs. When my friend and I saw this, we were frighten and my friend told me, a day earlier, was chased through the corn field by it. She never reported it because people around here would not believe it. Please e-mail me back I would love to hear more about this and also maybe come to the area and look around. I have small group of 6 people that have a interest in things like this. We gave our group the name of Michigan Haunts and the Unexplained. The Man Wolf we saw never hurt us he was passing and I think he knew that we were not going to bother it, but wanted us to know he was there. Please let me know thanks - Pam

(2nd letter)

Hi Linda, Was very happy to get your e-mail. Yes, this happened just before the New Year, about Oct. first 2 weeks, 2005. This time, I had gone to her home. St. Joseph county. She lives out in the country as I do, but 30 min, away. It was dark and the air thick. We were talking outside and heard heavy ft. coming through the corn. 'we', were not alone. Dogs were uneasy and the cats were hissing. Our hair stood up behind our necks. It was very fast it leaped on the shed and what I saw was him up on hind legs. But, by that time we were both moving for the door to the house. We still are shocked by what we saw and we really haven't told a lot of people of this, or reported it. My husband does not know this. She has a lot of cats outside, Some were coming up dead, also rabbit. The night before she was outside and I really am not ,sure why she was in the corn ,but it chased her through the corn. She had called me that night to let me know what happen and I was going to go out there, but she said no. If I need you I'll call. Linda I believe in this, and have had many things happen that I don't understand, This dog man, been watching and he wanted to make his presents known. And he did. One night maybe 4 weeks ago, I was going to work. It was 3rd shift, so I left around 9:30 when I went outside, [I live in the country also we are farmers] I felt like I was being watched, in fact I was in danger. I ran to the car, about 100 ft. from our deck. Got in the car, put it in gear and left. I did not look up to see what it could be, I just drove. I have not had any problems since, but do at night sense something is not right. - Pam

note: for more on the Michigan Dog Man, see



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